At high school I had a classmate who was 3 spans higher the average of all other mates.
He had a great talent for artistic design and for years the students and teachers of our school appreciated his personal style expressed in the vaults and the walls of the school.
It was called Majoleni, or so pronounced his surname one of our teachers.

After the vicissitudes of the "landing" in Croatia, pending the arrival of Antonio and his family, we headed out Kukljica, a small town on the island of Ugljan.
Kukljica was formerly a thriving tourist resort but in recent years due to its inability to adapt supply to the new demands of an increasingly young and international tourism, has lost much of its luster.
We end up to Kukljica thank to the suggestions given by Ana, the courteous employee of the Port of Zadra.
Ana and her husband Edo have created a series of apartments on the hillside Kukljica that they rent to touris. The structure they called Lavender, in fact their home is literally overwhelmed by this wonderful plant.
But the epic character of the day was Mary, a charming lady met in front of her beautiful house by the sea, who invited us for a coffee athat last almost the entire day.
We will devote a story soon to Mary.

Beside the Mazzoleni family we were also waiting for my brother Francesco flying from London.
Francesco had not yet been aboard Angelique II, except for a few hours in Le Havre before my departure.
An intenset envisaged week of "sicilianity" was expected, starting from the menu.
Parmigiana, pasta alla norma, puppetta of mulinciani, pasta and zucchini so this step have marked our days, because young Majoleni's support their youthnes with a diet of 1,000,000 calories per day.
And they are by no mean fat. Athletic body as the one of their father ..... at their age!
The Majoleni 
tribe has undoubtedly characterized this week of sailing.
The last time I had spent time together with Majoleni was in 1979! more than 30 years since we saw each other.
But over these 30 years  Majoleni has really
built a lot: a honorable tribe, proud, cohesive and especially cheerful.
The big boss Antonio was definitively oustanding in this concern, although
I found most of these virtues in the character of Monica, the beautiful Modenese that entertains you in a perfect Catanees dialect.

Boarded the crew we head toward the south: destination Kornati Islands National Park.
Throughout the week we enjoyed a good and steady wind from the north, in its oscillating variations from the west and east.
But in general the weather was unstable, with a couple of sounding showers!
The Kornati are a maze of islands, bays, inlets with dizzying depths up to a few meters from the coast. Barren, wild, deserted but with an irresistible charm. We will stay in the area for a few days and we will tell you in detail about this paradise.

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