From Angelique II  logbook

 "There was a tall and big man, who had the great desire to take a vacation on a sailing boat, but he was not alone. With him was a small woman who suffered the sea and two puppies: they were the Corti's family! 

The small woman impelled by her love said yes: we will go for the sailing vacation, but she did not know how it would be and what would happen.

The older pup  loved the sea, the wind and sailing. The younger pup had a fear: will I enjoy even if I will not be able to play football? 
 The enthusiasm and joy at seeing the big man realizing his dream was so great that everyone left with a smile on his face and the desire to live a great experience!

Angelique II was there, beautiful and shining, waiting for the Corti's and with Angelique II, her family: 
 The Captain, a bionic man, able to get up early in the morning, playing sports, swimming, weight lifting and remaining with a smile the whole day. 
 The lady captain, a woman of great sensitivity, able to give you serenity. A woman able, thanks to her love, to keep up the pace of the bionic man. 
 The Chef, badass man, able to smile to life, a man of great philosophy and a great cook, able to prepare traditional dishes from the heart. 

For the Corti's's family the adventure begins in the Croatian sea ..... 

After 6 days of sailing the big man relaxed and he really deserved it; the little woman discovered that the sea with its small or big waves, if well managed, can lull you. And the pups? Pups had fun thanks to the discovery of small gestures. Smiling for a dip, enjoy a chat at the pale moon with mom and dad, polishing a pan, play ping pong with dad ..... the joy of being together, the strength to be a family! 

Thanks Angelique II, but mostly thanks to her family! 

You have left to us a bit 'of you and we hope that the not perfect Corti's family has given you a bit' of his joy .... 
 We will meet soon and we are waiting for you wherever the life will take us! 
 Canada, London, Rome?

Corti's family "