Application Basics 

How to apply

The Academy requires candidates to apply by email and for their referees to submit by email references. 

The application comprises:

  1. four pages of questions, where you will be required to input essential data about your application
  2. some supporting materials for your application
  3. two referee presentations
  4. a declaration for you to read and confirm regarding the information and documentation provided in your application 


When to apply

The Academy application deadlines for the Cruise January/March 2015 is 31 October 2014


After submitting your application

Your application will not be considered to be complete until all the necessary supporting materials, including references, have been received. It is your responsibility to make sure that any required supporting material is clearly identified with your full name and is supplied by the application deadline.

If the form is incorrectly completed, or if required materials have not received by the Admissions Office by the deadline, your application will not normally be assessed. We will endeavor to contact applicants where possible to advise of any problems of this kind, but it is not likely that this will be possible if you submit your application close to the deadline. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have followed the instructions published to applicants. 

Completed applications are subjected to an academic assessment. You will be notified of the outcome of your application. 

Full information on the admissions process after you have submitted your application, including decision timescales will be emailed to you.


English language requirements

English is the official language of the Academy and it is mandatory that all these papers are written in English.


Supporting documents

Please note that all applications require supporting materials to be submitted along with the completed application form. Incomplete applications will not normally be assessed.

Since the process of obtaining references and official transcripts will involve the time and co-operation of other individuals and organisations, you should be aware of the requirements and make arrangements to obtain the necessary documents as soon as you have decided to apply. 

In addition to the submission of a completed application form, the following materials are compulsory for all applications:

  1. two academic references;
  2. transcript(s) of previous higher education;
  3. CV/résumé;
  4. Health Self Declaration;
  5. Statement of purpose/scholarship proposal

All supporting materials must meet the following criteria:

  • In English.
    Documents you have written yourself, such as the statement of purpose/scholarship proposal or written work, must be written in English. An English translation by a third party from your own work is not acceptable. These documents must be entirely your own original work except where clearly indicated.
    Official transcripts which are not issued in English should be translated by either a professional translator, the relevant issuing body of the original transcript, or an authorised notary. The translation should be certified by the translator and submitted along with a copy of the official document in the original language. 
  • Easily identifiable
    Please clearly indicate your name as well as the type of document, e.g. transcript, on the document if this is not already clearly stated. 
  • Clear and legible
    Scanned and digital copies must be accessible and clearly legible; please ensure that scanned files are rotated correctly.
  • Submitted at the same time as your application form
    Wherever possible, you should upload an electronic/scanned version of your document(s) to your online application. 



You should select two referees who can provide an informed view of your academic ability. The Academy will accept accept professional references from personal referee, such as those from family and friends.

References must be submitted: 

  • in English 

on institutional or professional letter-headed paper.If this is not possible - for example, where a referee has retired - the reference should include the referee's contact details and current (or relevant previous) position.

  • directly by the referee
    Please note that we are not able to accept references transmitted to the Academy by the applicant.  
  • from the referee’s institutional or professional e-mail address
    If the  reference arrive from a generic email address, such as a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo address, the Academy may not accept the reference. A generic email address might be accepted if there is no alternative and your referee uses the address for all institutional/professional business.

You will need to ensure, in good time, that your referees are willing and able to write a reference (letter of recommendation) for you. We must receive your references by the application deadline and we will not contact referees on your behalf after the initial automated request.

You should contact your intended referees as soon as you have decided to apply in order to ensure that they are able and willing to complete their reference in the relevant timescale. Once they have agreed, you should register your referees in your application form.

Whilst you must register three referees, some departments may start the assessment of your application if two of the three references are submitted by the programme deadline and your application is otherwise complete.


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On Page2 of the application form you must give contact details for your two referees and specify the date by which your referees need to submit their references so that they are aware of the application deadline you are using.

If someone listed on your application form is subsequently unable to act as a referee, you may arrange for another person to act as your referee, as long as that person is also able to comment on your academic performance and suitability for graduate study. Please note that any new referee must also submit their reference by the deadline.  

You should ask your referees to comment on your academic ability and to provide any other information they consider to be relevant to your application.


Other supporting materials

You must send scanned or electronic copies of your documents by email to the Academy.

If you are offered a place you will be asked to supply original transcripts and test certificates; please do not send original document(s) until specifically requested. Materials sent to the Academy will not be returned. Please do not send degree certificates or other documents which are not required to support your application.


Statement of purpose/scholarsip proposal

All applicants must provide a statement regarding their proposed scholarship at The Lifetime Cruise Academy. The statement must be entirely your own original work except where clearly indicated, with supporting quotations from any work authored by others clearly indicated and fully referenced.

Please note that your statement does not count towards any written work that you may have to submit for the purposes of your application.

There is no specific word limit for these statements, unless otherwise stated by the department, and there are no restrictions on font size or line spacing, although the document should be clearly legible.



This should include a summary of your recent achievements, including details of qualifications, publications and any experience relevant to your application. 



You should submit a detailed record of your higher education up to the present, including programs of study taken and grades achieved. This should be produced for you as an official document by the institution where you studied, and then visibly and indelibly certified by the issuing institution. Documents which are not appropriately certified cannot be accepted as a transcript.

When applying, you should scan and email your official paper transcript in the first instance, or an official, visibly certified electronic transcript if this is available to you. Unofficial and/or self-certified transcripts, including printouts/screenshots from student self-service websites, are not acceptable.

If your institution offers an official, secure transcript sharing service, such as Digitary, you will need to register the Academy as an authorised recipient with the e-mail address “”. The transcript needs to be shared with our office for the longest possible timeframe permitted by your system, in a manner which allows us to retrieve and verify the full document by the deadline date.

If you have not yet completed your degree, you should provide an official interim transcript detailing grades achieved to date. 

Your institution may require several months to produce an official transcript and you should check your institution’s policies and procedures well in advance of the Academy application deadline.

Please note that a degree certificate is not considered a transcript for the purpose of applying to the Academy, as it does not comprise detailed information on your grades.

If your official transcript is not in English, you must submit both

  • the original official document issued by your institution, and 
  • a translation into English certified by a professional translator, the issuing body of the original transcript or an authorised notary. 

If you are offered a place, you will be asked to send the original document(s) of any scanned or electronic official transcripts you have emailed.



Health self declaration

You will be asked to warrant and certify that you are fit for duty and have no physical disabilities, impairment, illnesses or lingering injuries at the present time except those you will be listing iand for each of them suppling date of injury, Doctor seen, nature of injury or illness, prognosis and lasting or present effects:

3 Filling in the form

About you

Your personal details

Your name will form the basis of your applicant record, so please ensure it is full and accurate. If you hold a passport or other official document, you should state your name exactly as it is printed there; this will be critical if you need to apply for a student visa.

If you contact us separately to your application, please provide your name in the same format used in your application, so that we can match all enquiries and materials to the correct record. 

Your contact details

You must ensure that we have current and accurate email and postal addresses for you at all times. If your contact details change at any time during the admissions process, you must notify us via the online query system, as the University will need to contact you throughout the admissions process.

Nationality and citizenship

Please include all countries that you currently have nationality of.

Criminal convictions

To help the Academy reduce the risk of harm or injury to students and staff caused by any criminal behaviour of students, we must know about any relevant convictions that you may have.

For full information on which convictions should be declared and how the data you provide will be used, please see our page on Criminal convictions.


About your qualifications

Please ensure that you include details of all qualifications and periods of study undertaken at university level; do not provide details or documentation of your primary or secondary education. 


Submitting your application

By submitting an application you are confirming that all of the information provided is, to the best of your knowledge, true, accurate, current and complete, and that you will promptly notify the Academy if any information should change in order to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. You are also confirming that the information contained in your application, including all supporting work, is entirely your own original work, except where clearly indicated, and does not contain any plagiarised elements. You will be required to confirm a declaration with your application to this effect.


For mor information or to apply, please email to


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