Finally we got the mast

After almost 5 months finally we got the new mast.

It is far more modern than the previous one and we can't wait to test it.

Unfortunately there was a mistake from the manufacturer and the front stay is 80 cm shorter, so the have to change it.

We are also working out some more tasks, like re painting both front peaks and installing new cabinets inside. Installing a new satellite phone and a lots of reorganization of space on board.

Valentina is getting acquainted with this new lifestyle an moral is quite high.


Wedding on The Lifetime Cruise

Dear friends after 6 long beautiful years of love me and Valentina decided to bind our life for ever. We celebrated our wedding the 2nd of January in our beautiful city of Catania in Sicily.

We will spend some more days in south of Italy enjoying our family and than we will come back to Milan waiting till Angelique II will be re masted.

We hope to be able to sail again by mid of March when we will be heading to Sicily where we plan to sail till May.

In the coming weeks we will publish our "The Lifetime Cruise 2013 Program".


Damn, I lost my Camel

The Lifetime Cruise 2012 is ending today.

It was a very exciting cruise, the longest, the funnest, the most exilarating cruise ever.