I primi amici mi hanno raggiunto

La prima settimana di crociera di questa Aegean Summer si e' appena conclusa.


I did it

I finally reached Rhods. It was the strongest experience in my life.

3200 miles of which 2000 alone

I felt all type of feelings  and the memories of these days will stay with me for the rest of my life.

unfotunately my computer on board hd aa problem withe the video bord and I' not able so far to fully report to you a detailed story supported by video and photos. But I promis to do it as soon as  my Mac will be repaired.

keep following me



The Bay of Biscay

The Bay of Biscay is an icon for sailors and seamen and I could not wait to add it to my log book. I must say that his reputation is absolutely deserved. Once crossed the Ile d'Ouseant, I had the feeling that the almost 400 miles that separated me from the Spanish coast would have been less terrible than the situation presaged by the latest weather forecast downloaded from the internet before setting sail from Le Havre .. But punctually on the morning of the 6 of June, the sea passed to force 8 and it would stay as such for the entire voyage.