And finally sun!

Today we woke up with an unusual light. The sun! After almost 2 weeks in Normandy I thought that at these latitude the sun was permanently missing.


Wonderful start, .....however

It was a wonderful start.
28 knots of wind from SE pushing Angelique between 12 and 15 knots, with just two reefing and 50% Genoa .
Surfing in the waves was trilling and at the same time fascinating (watch the video trough the link "Latest Video").
The sea here is very difficult to sail; you should take care of tidal and currents among the stronger on the planet.



The first 4 days, as expected were elbow grease, elbow grease, and finally elbow grease!
I did not think I would be able to get in the boat all I had brought from home, but Angelique II was more "roomy" than I imagined.