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About Us

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Hi, we are Valentina (Vale) and Giambattista (Giamba)!

What's the secret to happiness? We do not know if there is an unequivocal answer to this question.
For us it is traveling around the world. However as long as you wake up enthusiastic about how you will spend your day, then we believe you are very close to the state of happiness.
What it's really important to us is not to waste time living someone else life.
Time is the only really scarce resource we own.

Giamba & Vale

Giambattista Yacht Owner for  more than 30 years, he has spent over 150,000 miles at sea. He has also been a professional racing driver and in his palmares we find several national and international titles. 

Libra, creative, unselfish, Valentina is a professional photographer in love with nature, which is her favorite stage for her photos. She shares with Giambattista the great love for  good food. Before entering this life she worked for various advertising agencies and media companies.

In 2012 Giambattista and Valentina decided to turn themselves in full time travellers. Till 2020 they have sailed with their catamaran Angelique II more than 80.000 nautical miles: from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific and pushing their bows till the Southern Oceans, being the first Catamaran in History to reach the Antarctic Polar Circle.

In 2021 they decided to settle down for a while and choose Belize as their home "port".

They are now ready for new adventures, this time by "land" riding their KTM 990 Adventure R.

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