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A new unexpected chapter

Aggiornamento: 21 ott 2023

After so many years of adventure sailing around the world the only positive thing that the pandemic brought to us, was the opportunity to spend long time with our families.

Being pampered by our parents has been the main activities from June to November.

But during this months the unexpected happen.

Our friends Anna & Armando from Caye Caulker, informed us about an opportunity in the Island.

An old Guesthouse, just on the beach was for (urgent) sale, and because of the difficulties in transportation and absence of any type of tourism, it was a real bargain.

We knew very well the island, although we did not know the specific Guesthouse.

But the pictures we saw and we trust we have on the evaluation of Anna & Armando were enough for us.

So after sharing this crazy project with our cousin Riccardo, we decided to make our offer.

So in early November we moved to Belize, Caye Caulker, as the new owner of the Tree Tops Guesthouse.

We decided to start a full renovation project and to transform the guesthouse in a hotel.

The project is still going on and we plan to open the new Tree Tops Hotel by the beginning of next December.

We do not know where this project will take us, however it has surely been an adrenaline-filled awakening from the torpor generated by the pandemic.

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