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Aggiornamento: 19 set 2023

After five months ashore of which 4 of hard work, finally on November 11 Angelique II is again floating.

For this special occasion we had Claudia, an Italian friend, joining for a cruise from Rio Dulce - Guatemala, till Roatan.

We left Guatemala sailing the 30 miles of the Rio Dulce which separate Nana Juana Marina from the Ocean.

From there we headed to Belize for a quick stop at the Blue Hole. Then back south to the Bay Islands (Honduras) where we spent few days visiting Utila and Roatan.

Then a "complicated" streatch of sea, as

you have already had the chance to read, to get to Old Providence, a small Colombian island but far from the coast of Colombia. At OldProvidence, in fact, although the official language is Spanish, all prefer to speak in English.

Leaving Old Providence only 400 miles separated us from Panama, our destination of this journey and, more importantly, Port of departure of our "Cruise to the end of the World" which in the next two years will take us around the South American continent, reaching destinations such as Galapagos, Easter Island, Ushuaia, Antarctica, Falklands, Argentina, Brasil and French Guyana.

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