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Bellizimo Belize

Aggiornamento: 18 ott 2023

After 18 months spent in San Blas, both Valentina and myself start seriously missing those feelings that only dropping the anchor in a secluded, unknown bay can provide.

So in Summer 2018 we decide to say arrivederci to our small community in San Blas and to head north.

I had already visited Belize couple of times in the early 90’s and again with Valentina and Angelique II in 2015 on our way to Panama, so we knew that besides the Great Blue Hole, the gorgeous Half Moon Caye, the famous “Isla Bonita”, Belize had much, much more to offer.

So Belize was our next destination.

After few weeks of sailing between the barrier reef and the offshore atolls, we arrived in Caye Caulker, a relatively small island which has not succumbed to the lure of mass tourism nor to those of senseless development and overbuilding.

Caye Caulker maintains the charm of times gone by, of that "no shirts, no shoes, no problem" which was the San Pedro motto of the early 90s, with

all its roads strictly unpaved, and a traffic which only sees golf cars (alas), bicycles and pedestrians and with the only few exception (alas again), all buildings have a maximum of 2 or 3 floors.

In Caye Caulker we met 3 Italians, Daniela and Anna & Armando.

Daniela is a true artist, which since long time decided to spend her Italian winter in Caye Caulker. She has a cosy, colourful studio just on the beach, were where she paints and above all produces beautiful and unique hand-painted canvas bags.

Daniela introduced to us Anna & Armando a lovely couple which arrived in Caye Caulker for a short vacation to fell in love with the Island. They came back some time later to open Pasta Per Caso, a lovely restaurant were they serve only fresh, home made pasta. Trip Advisor, score Pasta Per caso as the best restaurant in Belize and among the top 10% restaurant in the world.

Time flys at the Lifetime Cruise. It is now more than one year that we are in Belize. We have explored all the Atolls, finding our way along their insidious waters.

We have experienced the best dives and the best fishing since we set Sails in 2012.

You can check our video here.

Belizean waters are like San Blas, totally unknown to international Yachting community. The most crowded plays could be Placencia where in high season you can find up tp 10 boats at anchor, or Caye Caulker with up to 15. But most of the time we are the only yacht at anchor. However as soon as you leave these two places, everywhere in Belize waters you will be just by yourself, totally immersed in a breathtaking nature.

On the other side the Islands in Belize are mostly mangrove with almost no beach at all. In this respect the countless palm, sandy islands of San Blas remain the best spot we have visited in the Atlantic Ocean.

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