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Bonaire was a unexpected surprise.

We're always very sceptical when it comes to the Caribbean.

We don't want to be a snobish, but we feel that many of the Caribbean islands have lost their charm, that exotic taste they had. In many aspects I find the Aegean Sea today much more charming and exotic than most of the Caribbean islands.

But Bonaire had a different taste.

First of all, a spectacular sea, the outcomme of a maniacal attention and respect to the environment.

Whereas anchoring is banned everywhere, the Island is full of very secure buoys to more.

Even scubadiving sites are provided with buoys available all along the island.

However most of the Diving Centre prefer to reach the dive sites by car and along the road that rounds the island many signals indicate the access to the beach to reach the dive sites.

We rented a car to make a tour around the island and we could not notice any building exceeding 2 floors.

Even the real estate development follows aesthetic logic coherent to the original architecture of the island.

Only regret the short time available: definitely a place to come back.

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