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The week cruise in the Eastern Sporades was certainly one of the most fun weeks of this summer.

In Chios joined me Michele and Carla, my cousins Riccardo and Pina and my old friend Filippo.

However I was already sailing with Maas and Ray, two Australians I met in Marmaris few weeks before which are heading to Australia on a catamaran identical to mine, an Outremer 55.

This combination has added fun to the already high potential of my crew.

The stop in Chios was fantastic.

The Yachting Club of Chios has decided to appoint me honorary member of the Club, so the entire crew participated in this event and really enjoyed unparalleled hospitality.

From Chios we sailed to Lesvos where we landed on the south coast and sail around itscoast till Mythmna on the northern side of the island.

Every day we had a match race with our Australian mates, sailing with a lot of wind and enjoying it a lot.

Personalities on board helped to create a unique atmosphere, a mixture of characters difficult to put togheter even by the most daring author.

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