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Last week of August Filippo, with his kids Federica and Giacomo, together with my old friend Tiziana joined me in Mikonos for a week sailing in the Southern Ciclades.

However the last week of August will be remebered also for a major change in the "stable" crew of Angelique II.

My Australian, surfer, totally mad, Crazy Horse Ray moved on board of Angelique II. On the other hand, Cristina moved on board of Osiris, the Catamaran of my other good Australian friend Maas.

Change is my constant companion and I look forward to another chapter in my adventure. Moreover, the arrival of Ray in my life was completely unexpected, but in the nearly two months of intense rellationship we bonded a lot. So welcome on board Ray.

Last week was dedicated to the discovery of the Southern Cyclades and precisely the Small Cyclades, those lesser known and popular. Jewels as Koufonisia, Amorgos, Patmos, Santorini and Ios. But I would say that the distinguis feature of last week was the atmosphere that has been created on board thanks to Federica and Giacomo.

It 's really amazing the ability children have to catalyze the attention around them. And when you're lucky enough to run into two personalities such as Giacomo and Federica it gets really fun.

Ray, the newly appointed "Entertainment Officer", was fully up to the task ensuring the younger members of the gang to experience everything from paddle boarding to merry-go rounds. Also, let us not forget the daily icecream eating competition. Dining was once again a highlight on Angelique II with Federica and Giacomo revealing refined connoisseurs of both food and beverage. Something surprising given the limited abilities of their father.

Fishing was attempted with great patience and creativity but alas their appetite were missing. We definitely have to work on stocking the right equipment so that the next time we fish for dinner we are not left staring at empty plates.

Filippo was a returning guest after having already spent the first week of August aboard. Apparently on his return to Milan he is already pining of Angelique II so we may be again graced with his company. In light of that should we be concerned with troubles at the office? For many years he avoided our sailing adventures preferring to spend his time in front of a computer screen or prefering the company of his terminal boats. Filippo, are you taking the piss? Time to make decisions pal you cant have your cake and eat it. Remember your waistline!

Finally but in no way the least Tiziana. An old friend. A good friend that I have not had the pleasure of seeing for way too long. I have admired and respected Tiziana from the first time we met during our business dealings. The great thing now is that I get to enjoy her company in a more social environment. Having had the opportunity to experience her in the way only living on board of a yacht can provide I can now say that Tiziana is even more of a special person.

The motto of this weeks' cruise "Friends that shower together, stay together"

This week ended the first summer cruise of The Lifetime Cruise.

It was a great summer marked by the love of the friends who accompanied me in this start of my journey around the world. In their words, in their eyes I read happiness. Joy, fun but also a healthy dose of envy. I clearly felt the joy and pleasure that my friends have to participate, even for short periods, to something that each of them has dreamed but for various reasons they not yet been able to achieve. To share this experience with my friends is for me source of great satisfaction and happinessis; it is one of the main objectives of The Lifetime Cruise.

Because, as Christopher McCandless (Into the Wild) said, "Happiness only real when shared"

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