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Aggiornamento: 12 set 2023

One of my favorite sea in the world is the Aegean Sea and precisely the Greek Islands.

However I must admit that the Kornati will definitively score among the top of my list even in the future.

Very close to the main land but totally isolated. Over the 2 weeks spent sailing among the islands we never had a overnight anchorage with more than 2 yacht in the bay. Almost all Koronati's are totally inhabited and with no electricity. Strong wind and flat sea. Deep blue sea everywhere also at 5 meters away from the shores. 

In such an environment a sailing vacation turns in a real relaxing break. So on board of the Lifetime Cruise we decide to enliven our time on board with a Cooking Class.

Of course we could not neglect to taste all the dishes we prepared at the end of each session and the result is that further 2,5 kg were added to my body weight!

Panzerotti, Focaccia, taralli, linguine ai ricci, polpette di melanzane but especially a lot of fresh bred, baked almost daily.

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