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My KTM 990 Adventure

Aggiornamento: 23 ott 2023

The Tree Tops project is up and running and we are extremely happy, it is time to start thinking to get on the go again.

But this time will be "on the road".

During our 5 years long circumnavigation of Latin America, we often thought we have missed a lot of this continent, having basically experienced only its coastal areas.

So our next venture will be a long voyage to discover all we left behind in those years, gems like the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, the Salt Flat in Bolivia, the Ruta 40 in Argentina, the Carretera Austral in Chile, the Amazon Region to name few.

To take us back to these distant lands, this time, we choose a motorcycle.

Among all possible options I left my heart guiding my choice.

I choose a KTM 990 Adventure in memory of the never forgotten Fabrizio Meoni.

The problem was to find one, with low milages and far away from Europe, considering that the production of the 990 was discontinued in 2014 and most of these unbeliveable machine were sold mainly in Europe.

But, as we say, fortune favours bolds so I found a superb sample near LA in California, with less than 13.000 kilometres.

So i flew to LA and ride it back to Belize my new to me 990 Adventure, almost 5.000 km in one week.

What a motorcycle!

We are planning to start this voyage sometimes in October/November 2023, so we have more than one year to prepare ourselves and the motorcycle for such a venture.

Meanwhile, we will enjoy it riding Central America.

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