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Refeno 2016

Refeno is the most famous offshore regatta in Brazil Refeno and at least by Brazilians, it is considered the most important Offshore regatta of South America.

The race runs every year between Recife, a city of the Brazilian Northeast and Fernando de Noronha, one of the most exclusive and beautiful islands in the entire Atlantic Ocean.

The small Fernando de Noronha is a nature reserve where access is strictly regulated. Reaching the island by boat you are charges a fee of US$ 70 per day further US$ 30 per person per day. Madness.

Not to mention the cost of living on the island. A liter of diesel at 2 euro and jewelry style price at the supermarket.

By participating in the regatta, the entry fee is 250 US $ per person having the right to two weeks of free mooring in the marina in Recife, access to Fernando de Noronha for 5 days and participation in all entertainment events before and after the regatta.

Willing to visi Fernando de Noronha we decide to enter the regatta, actually the first race for Angelique II.

Although we decided to participate only for a mere reason of economic convenience, but in the end it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of this period in Brazil.

The week before departure we were pampered by the Yacht Club Cabana in Recife which organizes the race. Parties, banquets, and two beautiful and charming angels of the Organization, always available to mediate the unique demands of the Brazilian Navy.

But the past week in Recife has also given us the privilege to welcome on board Amyr Klink one of the great adventurer of this century, who arrived in Recife to take part in the race with his Parati II and having learned from the common friend Julio of our participation to the event, wanted to meet the two crazy Italians who have reached the Antarctic Circle aboard their catamaran! Amyr ( has achieved really great goals , like being the first to cross the Atlantic by rowing (1983) or circumnavigate the Antarctic polar circle in solitary. Thanks Amyr

This edition saw 52 participating boats competing over a distance of about 337 miles with a mean apparent wind of 18 knots from about 70 ° to starboard. Angelique II has covered the distance in 29 hours and 45', winning in her class (catamarans over 14m) and ranking 3rd in the overall standings in real time. The two boats ahead were sadly only seen at the start: Camiranga a giant 68-foot carbon fiber monohull which completed the race in 19 hours and 56 'and Jahù II, a 40-foot composite catamaran (AC style 45) no engines, who finished the test in 24 hours and 52 '. Fourth place a Farr 42 who finished the test in 34 hours and 22 ‘!!

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