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The Journey of Hope

After several attempts and with the help of the Italian Embassy in Guatemala, we were finally able to find a way to get back to Italy.

It has been though a long journey.

On the 16 of June we got a ticket for an American Airlines flight to Huston.

We overnighted in Huston and the day after we got a flight to Montreal, Canada.

16 hours stop over in Montreal and than a flight to Munich in Germany.

5 Hours stop over and than a flight to Milan.

Once in Milan we were not be able to get a flight to Catania in Sicily, our destination.

Present Covid Regulations in Italy foresee 15 days quarantine and before the quarantine is completed, we are not allowed to board any means of public transportation, not enter in any public place such as an hotel.

So once in Milan, we rented a car and drive the 1.200 kilometres to Catania.

AngeliqueII is safely waiting for us at the dry dock of Nanajuana Marina in Rio Dulce.

News from Italy and Europe are all but reassuring us about this crazy times the world is leaving.

Flying over a sandy beach on our way home, we were really uncertain about the future.

We hop to come back soon.

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