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To Rio de la Plata

Aggiornamento: 13 nov 2023

Position: 43 ° 48.66S; 056 ° 08.35W

4th day at sea, still in the grip of the Roaring Forties. We have run only 500 miles since we left, an average of 125 miles a day, almost half the average we are used to. But we are sailing very conservative.

It is one month already since the day of the accident and the exposed parts of the lamination might begin to soak water. To make the situation worst, I found out we have a problem with the forestay. At least 2 of its 18 stainless steel wires have gone, so we have to be careful in these last 500 miles that separate us from our destination. We are heading to the Piriapolis marina which has the largest travel lift of the Atlantic Cost of South America, but not enough to dry dock Angelique II.

So we still need to find a solution.

We left Stanley at 3pm on the 13th of March with 30 knots of wind on a broad reach, but as early as 05:00h the following morning, the wind gradually dropped and until this morning at 04:00h.

We had not seen a sea like this for over 1 year. The temperature is raised further up and now in the cabin we have 26 degrees, a real pleasure.

We expected the arrival of a low system for today, which promptly arrived around 09.00h, with winds over 30 knots from the North, or exactly on our bow.

But from tomorrow early in the morning we should find ourselves on the tail of this low pressure and we should experience favorable winds for another 24 hours.

The last 2 days we should have moderate winds from the second quadrant.

ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) in Piriapolis is 22 of March in the morning.

March 20th 2016,

38 degrees of South Latitude

Finally out of the Roaring Forties and another 230 miles ahead of us. Complicated days. Valentina reminded me that last year when we entered the Roaring Forties we experienced strong winds reaching 74 knots. It was March 9th, we were sailing in the South Pacific between Easter Island and Puerto Montt and we were at 39 degrees South Latitude, the wind came from our stern, Angelique II was at the peak of its efficiency and its crew in good shape . The Southern Oceans were welcoming us. On March 17th, at about 44° Latitude South, the same Oceans said goodbye investing us with a storm which this time came from the bow and found a wounded boat and a tired crew. For over 24 hours we were beaten by winds always above 40 knots, with a wave of around 6 meters and with the fear that something could give way. The day after the storm overcame us with the wind veering to south, but with thunderstorms that followed each other every 20 to 30 minutes accompanied by pouring rain and gusts of wind which would go from zero to over 40 knots Fortunately, once again, Angelique II proved to be better than her crew and overcame all this with no further damage. Yesterday the expected high pressure finally arrived, bringing sun, 26 degrees in the cabin and also little wind.

So we proceed slowly between 4 and 5 knots. The good news is that this beautiful weather should accompany us to Piriapolis, so waiting to write an end to this long chapter of our The Lifetime Cruise, we rest, read and watch some good movies. Simple activities with which, for over a year, we could no longer entertain us, at least during navigation.

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