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We Love San Blas

Aggiornamento: 17 ott 2023

After almost two years spent in souther latitudes, Angelique II and especially Valentina were seeking for warm, stable, relaxing weather.

Jan Michelle, our little Brazilian French brother, owner of Marco Polo, the Outremer 55 which had crossed the Atlantic and sail the Antilles and Cuba with us, was there since we left Guatemala in November 2015.

He had described San Blas as the most incredible place he had visited so far.

369+ islands with no road, no electricity, no hotels.

Just sandy palm beaches and an incredible, well preserved barrier reef populated since centuries by the Kuna, the local indigenous people .

So we decided to visit the San Blas to check out ourselves this hidden jewel.

San Blas archipelago lies on the southern Atlantic coast of Panama and it is part of Kuna Yala region which, although belonging to the State of Panama, it is autonomously administered by the Kuna.

Did we like San Blas:? The answer lies in the 18 month we spent there!

We met several boats which landed in San Blas during their cruise around the world and never left.

Boat and crews which had spend up t 20 years in San Blas.

A small community though. Just 20/30 boats depending by the season, but a very active. and friendly community.

We developed many strong friendship in these 18 months amd most of them will last for long, long time.

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